The Golden Snitch Trade Log

[Aug 04 2006]
- Traded my albino12 for Cate's reawaken01.

[July 25 2006]
- Traded my toothache02 for Lissi's prophecy06.
- Got lore16 and acerbity03 from the new template survey.

[July 21 2006]
- Traded my homely01 for Smos' literalism12.
- Traded my sparkling19 for Allison's reawaken14.

[July 21 2006]
- Got forbidden04, prophecy05, a copper snitch and a silver snitch from hidden links.
- Got remember03, defiance13 and nonpareil06 from Picture Scramble.
- Got pursued01 and aflame18 from Strange Snapshot.
- Got literalism06, nurture13, enchanted19, a golden snitch, 1 sickle and 1 knut from Fragmentation Situation.

[July 14 2006]
- Got homely17, thespian05, umbra09 and acerbity18 for mastering Edified.
- Traded my magnetic08 for Binks' prophecy09.

[July 13 2006]
- Got amalgam19 and enchanted13 from Hogwarts Lost and Found.

[July 12 2006]
- Traded my snide05 for Francesca's enchanted20.
- Got prophecy11 and a witch snitch from puzzled.
- Traded in 1 gold, 1 silver and 1 copper snitch for a choice card; edified07.
- Traded in 1 gold, 3 silver and 4 copper snitches for two choice cards; edified10 and edified18.
- Traded my simple19 for Alannah's literalism14.
- Got edified19, snide05, intellect02 and a noxious snitch for leveling up (chaser).
- Bought prophecy18 from the Golden Snitch Stall for 1 sickle and 2 knuts.
- Traded my umbra11 and wanted10 for Bluegin's prophecy16 and reawaken09.
- Traded my explosion11 for Asmodeus' reawaken08.
- Traded my magnetic11 for Kerri's prophecy19.

[July 11 2006]
- Got nurture07, a galleon and a knut from Random Ramblings.
- Got amalgam12 and reawaken16 from Strange Snapshot.
- Got nurture01, defiance05, edified08, a sickle and a knut from Puzzled.
- Got nurture17 from the july 10 update.
- Got edified14, 2 galleons, 2 sickles and 2 knuts from the july 9 update.

[July 07 2006]
- Traded my enticing10 and facile08 for Bree Nicole's pursued15 and reawaken13.
- Traded my humorous08 for Kelsey's pursued18.
- Traded my facile12, snide12 and oriental16 for Francesca's prophecy01, prophecy17 and pursued07.
- Got raven12, forbidden02, pursued04 and a golden snitch from Hidden Links.
- Got facile12, snide12 and occasion03 from the july 06 update.
- Got enchanted05 and facile08 from Mixing Potions.

[July 06 2006]
- Traded my candor03 for Bree Nicole's homely18.
- Traded my prestige02 for Bluegin's prophecy15.
- Got puppet05, aflame13, pursued05, edified12 and a copper snitch from Polyjuice Horror.
- Got homely06 from Card Facade.

[July 02 2006]
- Traded in 2 noxious snitches, 2 copper snitches, 2 silver snitches and 2 golden snitches for some cards: edified09, edified11, sparkling19, magnetic08, prestige02, raven15, vivid04 and umbra11.

[July 02 2006]
- Traded my natural20 and puppet08 for Bluegin's prophecy02 and prophecy13.

[July 02 2006]
- Got toothache05 and a coppersnitch from the july freebies.
- Got toothache02, candor03, oriental16 and occasion02 from the july 2 update.
- Traded my acerbity10 for Francesca's raven03.
- Got literalism10 and amalgam05 from Hogwarts Lost and Found.
- Got literalism15, pursued16, amalgam02 and a silversnitch from Fragmentation Situation.

[June 30 2006]
- Got natural20, divinity12, edified06 and a wizardsnitch for leveling up (beater).

[June 29 2006]
- Traded my acerbity04 for Bluegin's literalism18.
- Got puppet08 from the june 30 (29?) update.
- Got prophecy12 and defiance07 from Strange Snapshot.
- Got raven19, a goldensnitch and a copperesnich from Random Ramblings.

[June 26 2006]
- Got enticing10, wanted10, nonpareil20 and remember13 from the june 26 update.

[June 25 2006]
- Got enchanted15 from Card Facade.
- Got raven20, defiance20, albino12, forbidden13 and a silversnitch from Hidden Links.
- Got literalism07 from Polyjuice Horror.
- Got edified17 and prophecy14 from Picture Scramble.

[June 24 2006]
- Traded my plumage18 for Bluegin's literalism09.
- Got magnetism12 and acerbity10 for referring a new member.
- Got a noxioussnitch, literalism01, prophecy10, enchanted11 and everfree04 from Alohamora Complex.
- Got a witchsnitch and a wizardsnitch from Time Turner Shuffle.
- Got raven07 from Strange Snapshot.
- Got forbidden09, acerbity04, snapshot05, endurance09, reawaken15, simple19, edified04, edified05, raven11, 2 silversnitches and 2 wizardsnitches from Winning the Match.
- Got edified01, edified02, magnetic11 and a noxioussnitch for leveling up (level2 - keeper).

[June 23 2006]
- Got plumage18 and edified16 from the June 22 update (taken with permission from Berry).
- Got raven18 and a coppersnitch from the June freebies.
- Got a silvertsnitch for letting Berry know my cards were up.
- Got amalgam09 and literalism05 from Daily Prophet Crossword.
- Got defiance06 and two coppersnitches from Random Ramblings.
- Got raven04, edified20, literalism19, humorous08, amalgam03, a silversnitch and a wizardsnitch from Puzzled.
- Got edified13, amalgam04, a goldensnitch and a coppersnitch from polyjuice horror.
- Got homely04 and catacombs08 from picture scramble.
- Got enchanted07, homely01, aflame20, namesake02, a coppersnitch and a goldensnitch from hidden links.
- Got amalgam13 from card facade.
- Got edified03, edified15, amalgam18, collusion14, divinity05, explosion11, malignancy12 and a midnightsnitch in my starter pack.
- Applied to (re-)join.