☆ Choices ☆

Name: Mez
Card Count: 645
Card Worth: 657
Trades: 41

Last Updated: 2012-01-06

Card logs



hbp-sectumsempra cos-basilisk ootp-luna dh-marbletomb


poa-cockroach (14/15)


dh-sevenpotters (12/15)


hbp-hermione (10/15)


poa-page394 (9/15)


ootp-justassane (8/15)


Keeping / Future collections
I will not trade these cards for anything!

Worth 2

Might Trade for cards I'm collecting
I will only consider trading these for cards I'm collecting at the moment,
not cards in my keeping/future collections section. Sorry!

Worth 2

Will Trade
I'll trade these for anything I don't already have :)

Worth 2

There are currently no cards under this category.

Pending Trades
Pending trades are only valid for 1 week (7 days)

Items and Other Stuff

x51 x72 x28

D, D, E, E, G, I, I, K, M, M, P, Q, S, U, U, V, W
∗too much work to add the images∗

(I rarely update the cards, but keep an updated count at the top of the page!)